About Golden Hill

As the sun rolls down and is lost to sight,

Tinting the scene with its golden light,

The islands dim and the fading shore,

The ebbing tide through our harbor door,

The drooping sails of an anchoring fleet,

The shadowy city at our feet,

With the Mountains' proud peaks so lofty and still,

'Tis a picture worth seeing from Golden Hill

~1887 by Daniel Schuyler

Golden Hill is one of San Diego's oldest neighborhoods situated directly south of Balboa Park and east of downtown. With its eclectic architecture, vital mix of people, and breathtaking views, it is one of the coolest communities in the city.

While an urban environment may seem a counterintuitive choice for beekeeping, an irrigated landscape provides our Happy Bees with a year-round bevy of foraging options. Additionally, our proximity to Balboa Park provides plenty of native and non-native flowering plants and tree blossoms from which to forage.