Photos of Our Work

Explore some of the imagery of our Happy Bees, the work we do, and foragers in action. If you want to checkout more, follow us on Instagram (linked at the bottom of this website), at HappyBeeSanDiego.

Frame of brood with nurse bees examined during a routine inspection.

Frame containing mostly capped honey with some uncapped empty cells of freshly-made wax comb.

Frame with pollen and nectar stores being examined on a routine day.

our first package of docile Italian honeybees at time of installation.

Honey extraction is always a sticky process. Frames of honey have been uncapped and are ready for centrifugal extraction in the image on the right. By using this method, the intact wax comb can be returned to the hive for use by our Happy Bees, saving them energy and resources by not having to make replacement comb. This process is a lot of work. However, when compared to the extraordinary work our Happy Bees are doing everyday, we think this effort is the least we can do.

We use all-natural wood beehive frames build by hand, one at a time, for our Happy Bee Hives. Each hive can take up to five medium hive boxes ("medium supers") with 10 frames each. That's 50 frames per hive. Judd built well over 200 frames in 2020!

Bee rescue in action!... one at a time. :) On some mornings when foragers emerge for an early run, their flight approach to the hive crosses over a railing that can accumulate condensation, making for a hydroplaning skid-landing that can lead to a bit of tumbling. If bees end up on their backs on a wet surface, their wings can be held down by the water tension. Eventually, as the sun comes up and evaporates the water, the bees are released and they go on their way. But, we can't bear to watch them in their state of temporary paralysis. Watch the video below to see the bee rescue in action...

All of our Happy Bee hives are registered with the State of California and County of San Diego. The County of San Diego Honey Bee Protection Program requires that beekeepers register hives, and follow regulations. Those regulations "promote responsible beekeeping, and ensure public safety". The program provides a wealth of resources for beekeepers to support raising healthy and gentle bees. In addition, the program also helps beekeepers monitor for pest and disease issues while providing information about best management practices.

We have benefitted greatly from the knowledge and expertise the program and it's inspectors provide us. We feel confident with their guidance along with help from the San Diego Beekeeping Society that we are doing the best we can to insure healthy, happy bees in our Apiaries, and a safe environment for the bees and our community.

In July 2021, the county inspector, Jaime Garza, performed an inspection of our apiary. We are happy to report that we passed the inspection without any issues or concerns. Jaime is incredibly knowledgeable and provided great suggestions for how we can continue our success as responsible beekeepers. We are very grateful to Jaime, and to the County of San Diego for maintaining such a great program.

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