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Batch #4 (our Spring 2022 harvest)
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100% Pure Raw Hyper-Local Small-Batch Artisan Honey

While Very Limited Quantities Last

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Pickup Only: in Golden Hill, San Diego, California on 22nd Street, 92102.

Important Ordering Instructions:

  • Due to very limited quantities available with Batch #4, purchase is limited to 2 jars per person. Please do not place more than two jars in your cart at this time. If after the initial release, inventory still exists, we will open up the remaining inventory for ordering additional quantities.

  • If we sell out before you get a chance to place an order, we are so sorry that you were not able to partake in Batch #4. But, rest assured that our Happy Bees will continue to forage our irrigated urban landscape through 2022 and beyond, and Batch #5 could possibly become available in late Fall. In the meantime, to stay connected with us and get information about future releases, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to "Bee Connected".

  • Once you place an order, you will receive follow-up information for scheduling a pickup, including where and how to pickup your order from our apiary location on 22nd Street in Golden Hill, San Diego, California (92102). Be sure to check your email spam folder for this confirmation. And, add HappyBeeSD@gmail.com to your list of contacts in your email program to avoid our messages ending up in spam.

  • Pickup days and times are as follows:

      • Friday June 17th 2022 between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm PDT

      • Saturday June 18th 2022 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm PDT

1/2 Pound

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100% Pure Raw Happy Bee Honey
Glass Muth Jar With Cork
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100% Pure Raw Happy Bee Honey
Glass Skep Jar With Screw-Top
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1 Pound

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100% Pure Raw Happy Bee Honey
Glass Muth Jar With Cork
(pickup only)

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Sold Out!

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Note: After completing a purchase, be sure to schedule your pickup on the purchase confirmation page, and check your email spam folder for confirmation.

Happy Bee Honey Facts

Happy Bee honey is hyper-local, small batch artisan honey that is sourced from our hives in Golden Hill, available via periodic limited-releases. The quantity of surplus honey that our Happy Bees produce for the community throughout the year depends on hive health, weather, the robustness of the Spring bloom (and it's associated "nectar flow"), and a number of other variables. An ample supply of honey always remains in the hive for the bees. Because of this bee-first principle, limited supply of Happy Bee honey will be "released" when available. When batches are small, we may limit the per-person quantity to ensure that access to the honey will be as broad as possible for our community of supporters.

The taste and color of Happy Bee honey will vary from batch to batch depending on what the bees have been foraging in the most recent period leading up to a honey harvest. Recent batches have yielded a delightful light and delicate honey that is extraordinarily delicious. For more information about what our Happy Bees have been foraging recently, check out our Foraging Notes page.

Happy Bee honey is 100% pure raw honey. We lightly filter the honey to remove larger pieces of beeswax and pollen. Tiny bits of wax and pollen could be present in the honey, which may float to the top with any air bubbles from the extraction process. While the wax is totally edible, if you prefer not to eat it, remove any wax pieces from the top before pouring the first time. The moisture content of the honey will vary from batch to batch, but has often hovered in the 16-17% range with recent harvests.

All raw natural honey will crystalize over time, especially in response to fluctuating temperatures. Crystalization does not indicate that the honey has gone bad. Honey can last for years when stored in a cool dark location in an air-tight container. Do not store honey in the refrigerator. When honey crystalizes, simply warm it up to re-liquify the honey. Happy Bee honey is only bottled in glass jars that can be conveniently placed in a bath of warm/hot water if the honey crystalizes. Some customers prefer to use crystalized honey as a spread, rather than heat up the honey to re-liquify.

Pure raw honey is said to have a number of health benefits, including antioxidants, prebiotics, antibacterial and antifungal properties, and allergen resistance benefits. While Happy Bee does not make any claims to the health benefits of honey, you can certainly find a lot of information on the internet about the benefits of honey. One thing for certain... Happy Bee honey is delicious, hyper-local, raw, small-batch artisan honey.

As our apiary has grown over time, we have relocated 2 of our 4 colonies to Judd's parents citrus and avocado orchard in an unincorporated area of Inland San Diego County. While Happy Bee honey is primarily sourced from our hives in Golden Hill, when supply is low, we may supplement our supply from the inland Happy Bee hives. We apply the same approach to beekeeping regardless of where our hives are located.

Honey is always sold as "Net Weight", and not by fluid ounces. For example, the 1/2 pound option will provide you with 8 ounces net weight of honey (which is not the same as 8 fluid ounces). This is the industry standard for all honey sold in the United States. We use an Edlund scale to weigh and tare every single bottle we fill, ensuring that you receive at least the quantity stated regardless of variations in glass bottle weight.

Our current County of San Diego "Class A" approved operation only permits pickup from our apiary location on 22nd Street in Golden Hill. Pickup information will be provided when you place a Happy Bee order.